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Gender equality must be a reality

(Michele Bachelet)

Since 2021, The European Union has introduced the mandatory Gender Equality plan ( GEP) ( GEP) for Institution and businesses that want to access European Funding.

In the EU’s intention, the GEP is not a dream books, but the for formalization of the work procedure adopter by the summits of integrated into the organization of activities. Quoting verbatim the European Commission:

“The GEP is a series of commitments and actions sometimes at promoting gander equality in an organization, through institutional and cultural change”

This is a strong turning point, in line with objective n.5 “ Garder Equality” of the 2023 Agenda for the Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

gender equality

We too Have adopter GEP.

We have formalized this year with a path of inside work coordinated by the team dedicated and transversal to all business areas and aligning ourselves with the strategies already adopter on the subjects by Compagnia di San Paolo, by Politecnico di Torino and by our partner Fondazione Links.

We analyzed our inside situation and in numerical terms, our team is so composed: 56% men and 44% women. We are a “young” company with an average age of 35 years and also multilingual (5 foreign languages spoken: italian, english, french, spanish and turkish).

Ithaca GEP_Gender Analysis_fig1

But is not enough: thanks to the GEP, we will engage to create an inclusive working environment by introducing the new procedures that can be monitored with a participatory approach.

The plan will be implemented according to a procedure that the includes 4 phases:

  1. Audit: collection date separated by gender, problem identification, series of existing legislation and of available resources;
  2. Planning: definition of the objectives and the actions and policies ( with relative timing) for their realization;
  3. Implementation: implementation is a activities, which must include: training, capacity building actions, as well as campaigns to  increase the visibility of the GEP inside and outside the organization;
  4. Monitoring: review of the results of obtained, collection of feedback, learning process necessary to correct/reformulate the GEP for the next cycle.

In the first edition of the plan we identified 4 thematic of  areas intervention:


  1. Work- Life Balance and Organizational Culture.
  2. Garder Balance in Leadership and Decision-making.
  3. Gender Equality in Recrutment and Career Progression.
  4. Measure against Gender- Based Violence, including Sexual Harassment.

During the time horizon of the plan (2023-2026), we will organize internal moments of discussion and dissemination on gender equality issues, we will involve the team with interactive training workshops and implement new internal procedures, also linked to corporate welfare, to make the GEP a concrete reality within our company.

With a view to total transparency, we will update the implementation status of our plan here on the website and on our social channels.

Download our first Gender Equality Plan 2023-2026.