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Risk and Recovery Mapping

The service covers the provision of mapping based on satellite imagery and digital vector datasets to be used for emergency management – both preventive and post-event – caused by natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, wildfires and landslides), human caused or and humanitarian crises worldwide.

The service description

Compared to the more rapid and specific Rapid Mapping, this service allows for a more comprehensive and in-depth analysis, including long transformation processes such as land deformation, erosion and landslide risk, urban development and humanitarian crises – as well as a temporal analysis of floods. More generally, its products are crucial for pre-event Preparedness, answering the question “what would happen if…”, and Rehabilitation or Reconstruction for the “back to normal” in the months following a critical event.

The Risk & Recovery mapping service is divided into two macro-categories:

Risk and Recovery Standard (RRM)

for a predefined set of standardized products, a priori defined on the basis of a series of deployment scenarios

Risk and Recovery Flex

for tailored studies

The service’s products are relevant at local or regional level and can support processes such as cost-benefit analysis of large investment projects for disaster prevention and climate change adaptation and help effective investments within the European Structural and Investment Funds. The request may relate to natural or human caused hazards and include studies to support the different phases of the emergency management cycle.