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CENTAUR (Copernicus ENhanced Tools for Anticipative Response to Climate Change in the Emergency and SecURity) is a project of the European Executive Agency for Health and Digital (HaDEA) under the Horizon Europe programme.

The project will explore the theme of climate change and related natural and non-natural risks, with two domains of application: the first linked to the risks for the population, assets and infrastructures as a result of floods in urban environments; the second instead analyzes the effects on water and food vulnerability, with the aim of improving the technological background of Copernicus security and emergency services to anticipate and assess crisis events.

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Awareness and impact modeling will improve current capabilities to predict events, detect their extent, estimate damage, mitigate their effects and ultimately increase the effectiveness of recovery actions. In the security area, CENTAUR will deal with water and food vulnerability by defining and measuring crisis indicators sensitive to these factors.

CENTAUR will integrate data from multiple sources, with specific attention to those generated by other Copernicus services, in particular those of Climate Change Service. Furthermore, these data will be combined with meteorological, socio-economic and new sources (such as traditional press and social media) improving current estimation capabilities.





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In CENTAUR we will bring our over 10 years of experience in emergency management as well as developing – in relation to the Piemonte region ecosystem – a new three-dimensional model of land, able of significantly improving the forecasting capabilities for potential flooding in urban areas.

The project, launched in December 2022, will have a duration of 36 months.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101082720 – CENTAUR