Services & Projects

Cartographic Mapping

This service, together with Rapid Mapping, strongly characterizes Ithaca’s operations today. The focus is spatial representation of the earth’s surface through the creation of reference cartography, thematic maps, infographics and mapbooks.

The service's description

Specifically, the Cartographic Mapping service consists of the production, in a fairly short time frame, of digital and/or paper cartography, in different formats, over more or less vast areas of the earth’s surface.

Our team takes care of the creation of the maps from start to finish, choosing the data useful for constructing the cartographic representation (both raster and vectorial), coming from different sources, and then proceeding to analyse, process and update them, thus delivering a finished product to the final customer.

Production ranges in the following four categories:

Reference Maps

Maps that include topographical, physiographical, hydrographical, toponomastic, administrative and transport network information.

Thematic Maps

Spatial representation of data using icons and symbologies for a more immediate visualization and easier to understand.

Infographic Maps

Illustrations of social, anthropological, cultural or natural issues having spatial characteristics, using graphic elements for quantifying and indicating their flux, with the aim of making them accessible to the end user.


Collection of different maps but characterised by the same layout and linked to a particular issue; they may be accompanied by explanatory texts and descriptions.